Trending games on Steam

January 10, 2017

One can never have enough games. If terms such as FOV, full conversion, patch and CD key don’t sound like rocket science, then you probably agree with this phrase and you have already stumbled across Steam, the worldwide popular Valve Corporation platform that has gamers everywhere spending their money on new and exciting games. Whether you like first person shooters, stealth games, MOBAs or open world games, then here are some top picks that will definitely get you looking for Steam game keys.
Titanfall, the leading multiplayer first person shooter developed by the same team behind the infamous Call of Duty, is the perfect way to spend your nights if you’re into Mecha and Pacific Rim is one of your favorite movies. This game is not a Steam exclusive, but members of this platform have accessed it hundreds of thousands of times. In this game, you will have to go on campaigns with your pilot and meet certain objectives. Unlike similar games, where pilots have relatively restricted movements, in Titanfall you can run, jump and glide and also use special abilities such as invisibility and X-ray vision. Although some label it as a mech-style Call of Duty, Titanfall has been acclaimed for its innovations in terms of graphics and storyline, so if you’ve ever wanted to go after Titans with a Charge Rifle, then now’s your chance to try this game.

If shooters aren’t your cup of tea and you prefer something more subtle and choice-driven, then you could try Thief, the comeback of the cult classic where you play with Garret, the famous master thief who steals from the rich. In this game, violence is only a last resort and to meet your objectives you have to pickpocket and stay in the shadows. This dark fantasy, steam punk game might not be very action packed, but it will definitely have you gripping the mouse due to its suspense, next-gen graphics and atmospheric soundtrack. Also, the dark, medieval picture of what resembles 18th century London is very well made and got fans of the stealth genre really excited.

A third person shooter that has been awaited by gamers from all over the world, Watch_Dogs™ introduces players to the future city of Chicago, which is controlled though a program called CtOS. Your character is Aiden Pierce, a hacker who can get into this system using his smartphone and prevent crimes. Since this is an open world game, you can take a break from your objectives and examine the cyber-fantasy Chicago, or you can try the online multi-player mode. The game also features combat elements, and, as a hacker, the vigilante can use his computing skills to get away, create diversions and eventually eliminate opponents.

These are just three of the trending games on Steam, but the list is obviously bigger. Other popular games include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, DayZ and Wolfenstein: The New Order. If you want to enjoy all these games, you can buy game keys and then install them on your PC or console.

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